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Commercial Business Requirements

These are the basic requirements for commercial business construction. Additional requirements for the business may be required.

  • 3 sets of stamped engineered plans, and 1 digital copy.
  • A stamped engineered drainage report will also need to be provided.
  • The building official, fire marshal, and city engineer will conduct a plan review.
  • Once the plan review is completed and approved by all parties, the building official will issue a permit.
  • The permit fee will be based off the square footage of the building. The water and sewer fee will be added to the fee. 
  • There will be an additional fee after the permit has been issued for the city engineer and fire marshals plan review and inspections.
  • The fire marshal and building official will conduct different inspections during the construction of the new business. 
  • Once all inspections have passed, the fire marshal will issue the certificate of occupancy.
  1. Justin Howell

    Code Supervisor / City Planner / GIS
    Phone: (405) 442-8210 ext. 513

  1. Clent Kennedy

    Planning & Zoning Officer
    Phone: 405-527-4656 ext. 514

  1. Mike Lewis

    Code Enforcement Officer
    Phone: 405-527-4656 ext. 517

Permit & Tap Fees

Add $4.50 State Fees to the Following Permits:

Residential Building Permit Fees

New sq. ft. min. 769.3 $100.00$0.13 sq. ft.
Remodel, Addition, Garage, & Outbuildings - Min. sq. ft. 272.8 min $30.00$0.11 sq. ft
Electric - New (Up to 200amp service)$75.00
Electric - New (Over 200amp service)$75.00 + Cost
Electric - Add On / Remodel (Up to 200amp)$50.00
Plumbing - New$75.00
Plumbing - Add On / Remodel$50.00
Mechanical - New$75.00
Mechanical - Add On / Remodel$50.00

Street & Curb Cuts

Curb Cut$20.00
0-25 sq. ft$160.00
26-50 sq. ft.$350.00
Over 51 sq. ft.$700.00

Swimming Pools

Above Ground$15.00

Miscellaneous Permits

Mobile Home$25.00
Fence Permit$25.00
Temp Pole$20.00
Sewer Tap Fees - Must Be Calculated Each Time$-.--

Electric Meter Bases

(Permit Fee Plus Cost of Base)

13 Lug$20.85
320 Amp Single-Phase$188.10
320 Amp 3-Phase$98.00

Commercial & Industrial Building Permit Fees

New sq. ft. min. 909.1 $100.00$0.11 sq. ft.
Remodel, Addition, & Warehouses - min. 555.6 $50.00$0.09 sq. ft.

Commercial and Industrial

Permits for Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical are based on individual fees as opposed to set fee.  These permits may have too many variables to list.

Non-accessory signs over 100 sq. ft.$500.00
Other Signs$20.00

No state fees on the following permits:

Permit Fee

Inspection Fee

$20.00 (After-Hours $50.00)
1st. Re-inspect
2nd Re-inspect
3rd Re-inspect

Road Punch

Contractor's License (Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical)
New - $150.00
Renew - $75.00

Water Tap Fees
All Districts Except 2

Water Tap Fees

District 2 Only

Size of TapTotal Tap Setup
Meter Only

Size of TapTotal Tap SetupMeter Only
1 1/2"$18,739.78$17,828.01
1 1/2"$23,673.98$22,762.21