McCurdy Park Renovation Project

An overhead view of McCurdy Park

The McCurdy Park Renovation Project will renovate the current park with new and remodeled features.

The City of Purcell took control of McCurdy Park in 2008.  It has served the community as a softball field for many years.  With the addition of the Purcell Baseball Softball Association fields, the Purcell Parks & Recreation Advisory Board believes the space would be better suited as a generalized park that will accommodate multiple activities for all ages.

Planning and Brainstorming

The City of Purcell Parks and Recreation Department and the Purcell Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will be hosting public meetings along with Copeland Design Collective to work on design options for McCurdy Park.

A public workshop on Monday, February 13th, 2023 at the Purcell Multi-Purpose Center starting at 7:00 PM.

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