Green Avenue GreenScape Project (Completed)

New street lighting, median landscaping and a wide pedestrian sidewalk construction along North Green Avenue began in 2017. Work was completed in September of 2018 with the planting of grass and ground covers.

Green Avenue was a regional favorite because of the Bradford Pear trees that displayed snowy blooms in the spring and fiery leaves in the Fall. In 2009 they met a crushing loss caused by a disastrous ice storm that shattered the brittle trees so severely that they were removed. In 2011 a Green Avenue GreenScape Advisory Team was created by the City Council to provide community input on how to make the gateway to Purcell more attractive to visitors and display the local pride.


Guernsey, an engineering, architecture, landscaping and consulting company from Oklahoma City, worked with City staff and the GreenScape Advisory Team to create a plan for the area. The concept is based on expectations and ideas from the community, the Team’s research and the professional experience available.

North Green Avenue RenderingThe vision was shared with the public for input and presented to the Council in Fall 2012. Improvement designs include:

  • Art
  • Broad Sidewalk
  • Cleaning up Signage Clutter
  • Landscaping
  • Safety Considerations
  • Street Lighting Alternatives in the Center Median
  • Wayfinding

Art Board

  • Green Avenue design with new lighting provided by underground power, irrigation
  • Dessert willows, crape myrtles, annual flowers for colors, Buffalo Grass, Mexican Fiesta Grass, yucca and other low maintenance species in the center medians
  • Sidewalk on the west