Giving Time Guardian Honors

Purcell Giving Time ClockHonoring Those Who Give Their Time to Make Life Better in Purcell

Giving Time is an annual program of public recognition for excellence in Purcell leadership. It celebrates exceptional people and remarkable institutions that are selected from a deserving field of candidates. By this emphasis on the wise direction and support offered to those in need, a community defines a vision of greatness for its future-a culture of good character and success.

With that belief we honor the Guardians of Purcell who have been Giving Time, their precious gift, to making our home better. The honorees come from the four sides of the town square:

  • Business - Cornerstone Guardian
  • Education - Vision Guardian
  • Government - Gateway Guardian
  • Human Services - Spirit Guardian

Award Process

Annually the City of Purcell and the Chamber request nominations to an anonymous committee. That unbiased group selects a person or organization as a Guardian from each of the categories.

Honorees are listed on one of the four inscription tablets provided at the foundation of the four-faced Giving Time Street Clock located in front of City Hall. At the annual Giving Time Guardian Awards Banquet a Chamber Board Member and the Mayor of Purcell present the chosen.

By presenting the Guardian Honors we thank those who have, support those who are, and encourage those who will be Giving Time to make Purcell better and those who are giving time, not because they must, but because they are willing.

Clock in PurcellSubmit Nominations

To participate in the recognition activities Heart of Oklahoma Chamber members can submit nominations and anyone can purchase reservations for the Annual Chamber Banquet scheduled for January. Contact the Chamber at 405-527-3093 or City Hall at 405-527-6561 for details.