Animal Welfare

The Purcell Animal Welfare Division is the Animal Control and Animal Shelter group within the Purcell Police Department.  We help reunite lost pets with their owners and help strays find new homes.

A dog rescued by the Purcell Animal Shelter

How You Can Help

 While our budget allows us to provide the basics for the pets we care for, your contributions help us go the extra mile to provide the high level of care these animals deserve. You can help our local animal shelter by donating time, money, and much needed items. 

  • Donation Wish List Items

    • Cleaning supplies such as Clorox wipes, bleach, laundry detergent, and paper towels.
    • Pet Food (Fancy Feast Kitten wet food, Friskies shreds wet food, Pedigree chopped adult dog wet food).
    • Treats, toys, plastic swimming pools
    • Towels and Blankets
    • Pet Beds
    • Clumping Cat Litter
    • Walmart or Tractor Supply Gift Cards
  • Monetary Donations

    • Cash / Check Donations can be made directly to the Purcell Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
  • Volunteering

    • If you are unable to donate but would love to help, the shelter is always in need of volunteers to provide attention to our furry friends through play, affection, and daily walks.   According to the Animal Control Supervisor, Louise Zastrow, the shelter provides care for 30 dogs and 25 cats on average daily.  Louise also stated “the Animal Shelter staff appreciates our community so much.  We couldn’t provide this level of care to our animals without the support of our community.  It takes a village!”


For questions about animal waste, animals at large, or the animal shelter ordinances, please follow the link below:
City of Purcell Code of Ordinances - Chapter 10, Article 7, Animals At Large